Inspection Nightmares

1 or 2 circuits too many!

If one circuit box is good, eight is better!

It saves mixing!

Creative plumbing by homeowner!

Is this what they meant by handicapped access?!

Is this an electric or a plumbing issue?!

New-fangled support post hinge!

Holey gutters, Batman!

It worked, but needs improvement!

These nails are just a smidge too long!

Loop-de-loop trap!

Is the roof too low, or is the showerhead too high?!

In the sky, it's a light, it's a vent, it's a light vent, it's illegal!

Whatever gets you through the night, it's all right!

Your next splash might be your last!

The light sensor was a nice touch!

Now you can shave and shower at the same time!

Oh well, it was illegal anyway, so why not a little tape?!


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